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Our city needs new leadership.

The homeless population surges year after year, rents continue to rise, and there’s a persistent shortage of affordable housing. Local businesses struggle to survive, and the American Dream my parents achieved is out of reach for too many.

The City Attorney has the ability to change the trajectory of Los Angeles because the office shapes every law and policy passed by the City.

We cannot wait any longer for change. We need a bold vision and sense of urgency to save our City from further decline. We need to end the inhumane neglect that permits our most vulnerable neighbors to sleep on the street. We need to turn around our economy and fight for good paying jobs. We need to build coalitions and break down systemic racism and economic injustice.

I have spent years empowering families to escape poverty, reviving struggling businesses, and unifying diverse communities to achieve common goals.

I’m running for Los Angeles City Attorney because working people, entrepreneurs, immigrants, community leaders, and healthcare experts deserve to be heard, and I will represent each and every one of us.

Together we can restore the promise of our great City.

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