“What are we doing?!”

Once again we mourn shootings in communities across America. This time the victims include nineteen children who were the same age as my son. It makes me sick.

The atrocities in Buffalo, New York, Laguna Woods, California, and Uvalde, Texas were preventable. We must continue to demand common sense gun laws.

Here in Los Angeles, we can do more too.

Last summer I highlighted the need to prohibit the sale of ghost guns and expand the use “red flag” laws to temporarily remove firearms from individuals who pose a risk of violence to themselves or others.

As City Attorney, I will:

  • Enforce our city’s ban on ghost guns.
  • Sue manufacturers and sellers of ghost gun kits.
  • Increase awareness and the use of red flag laws.
  • Proactively collaborate across jurisdictional lines and with community groups to identify trends and intervene early to prevent gun violence.

On Wednesday Senator Chris Murphy pleaded to his colleagues, “What are we doing?!”

My answer is that as City Attorney I will do everything I can to keep people safe while they’re grocery shopping, while they’re worshipping, and while they’re in school.