Remembering Brianna

January vigil for Brianna

Three months ago today 24-year-old Brianna Kupfer was working alone at a furniture store on La Brea Avenue when a man walked in and stabbed her to death. I live near the store, and I attended a vigil in Brianna’s honor.

Shawn Smith is the prime suspect. Smith has a decade-long criminal record, including arrests for assault with a deadly weapon and attacking police. In late 2020, Smith was detained in Covina for shoplifting from Home Depot. At the time of the murder, Smith was out on bond from South Carolina, and there was a warrant from San Mateo outstanding for his arrest.

It is maddening that Smith’s contacts with law enforcement did not sound alarms.

The LA City Attorney’s Office prosecutes misdemeanors. I’ll instruct our prosecutors to review the rap sheet for every arrest and coordinate with police and prosecutors in other jurisdictions.

We have laws to protect the community and hold criminals accountable. Enforcing them is a prosecutor’s duty and my top priority for the people of Los Angeles.