Protect Neighborhoods. Approve Oil Well Inspections.

I urge the City Council to approve oil well inspections.

Los Angeles has hundreds of active oil wells.

Nearly three years ago, the City Council voted to draft an ordinance to establish a first-ever City Oil Well Compliance Inspection Program, but no action was taken. Today we have no inspection program for oil drilling.

Last Friday, the City’s Chief Legislative Analyst recommended that the Mayor’s budget include new positions for oil inspections. The City Council will vote on the recommendation on Thursday.

I call upon the Mayor and City Council to end years of excuses. Pass an inspection ordinance without delay.

The government’s fundamental job is to protect people. Los Angeles regularly inspects tens of thousands of restaurants to protect public health. There is no excuse for failing to inspect oil drilling operations near people’s homes.

Every day that the city fails to inspect oil drilling operations near homes and schools, our community’s health is put at risk.

As City Attorney, I will protect our neighborhoods from pollutants, even if I have to take on resistance at City Hall.