LA Business Council Forum

Like many of you, my family and I will travel to see loved ones for the holidays. Before signing off, I want to share some of the recent activity from the campaign trail.

I have been busy meeting voters all over our great city. Yesterday I spoke at a forum hosted by the LA Business Council, where I shared my vision of a city that rises up to meet the daunting challenges of our time.

The LA Business Council just released a new voter survey on homelessness.

  • 94% view homelessness as the most serious problem in LA
  • 79% believe homelessness has gotten worse over the last couple years.
  • 58% believe that homelessness in LA can be solved with the right policies and leadership.

The survey confirms the feedback I receive on a regular basis. The status quo is failing. The city needs bold new leadership.

For over 20 years I have volunteered my time and energy to helping people who have lost their homes. I’m confident we can expedite housing and services and do more to prevent our neighbors from falling into homelessness.

With your help, we can share my positive message of change.